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Moskou and Danie made plans since they were born. They started the band Ysterkoei, then Spoegwolf – with crazy things in between. In 2017 Danie (with the help of their friend Niel van Deventer) produced and directed a television show in which his brother was the star – Moskou se Kombuis.

The brothers approached their family from Dachstein (Manie, Francois, Inge and Comine Marais) to open an actual restaurant. It took almost a year to build, as funding came from each of the brother’s musician’s salary in addition to Dachstein. Master-carpenter and Moskou’s grandfather-in-law, Norman Lock, built the bar. The famed Anina van Eeden designed the rest.


Moskou and Danie plan to make this restaurant the number one rated eating destination in Africa. Drum’s food will stay uncompromising; its ideas will continue to be original; its heart will stay forever true – with each plate a testament of the Du Toit brother’s integrity and grit.


You may hear it bouncing over the rooftops – Drum.

This guy invents our food. 

Moskou du Toi, Chef at Drum Stellenbosch, Fine Dining,
Drum Stellebosch Fine Dining Stellenbosch
Drum Stellenbosch Fine Dining Danie du Toit, Spoegwolf,

This guy is his older brother

Don't remind him. 

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